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Alzheimer's & Memory Care


Alzheimer's and Memory Care Facilities are considered a special kind of Residential Board and Care Home. A person has to have a doctor's diagnosis of dementia to be admitted. The front doors are secured with key pad locks to prevent wandering. They are staffed with caregivers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week who have special training in caring for people with memory loss. These facilities are usually duplicates of the residential care buildings with the exception that they are secured and have specially trained caregivers.

The goal of most Memory Care Facilities is to help residents to be as comfortable as possible. They do their best to provide personalized service, and have developed their facilities to be safe, less confusing, stimulating for an individual’s condition, and stress-free.

Memory Care Facilities have a nurse on staff. They also provide meals, housekeeping, laundry, activites, and transportation.

Alzheimer's/ Memory care

Alzheimer's, dementia, and memory care are often provided in a secure assisted living, residential care facility or nursing home setting. It is usually in a separate floor or wing. Residents may live in private or semi-private rooms and have structured activities delivered by staff members, trained specifically on caring for those with memory impairment. Memory care requires a larger staff to resident ratio and additional training to ensure the safety of all the residents. Due to the added specialized care, the cost is usually higher than other communities. In addition, the following factors also contribute to the cost of the room: Level of care needed, size of room, whether a room is private or semi - private, and the geographical location of the community.

Memory care offers 24-hour supervised care with meals, activities and health management for residents. Here are some of the basic services offered in memory care homes: comfortable private or semi-private rooms, daily meals, housekeeping and laundry service, medication management, exercise and physical therapy programs, social programs and activities, 24-hour staffing and personal assistants. Memory care is the term for a long-term care option for patients who have been diagnosed with Alzheimer's or have problems with at least two areas of daily living. A memory care environment is designed for persons with a level of impairment making it unsafe for him or her to continue to stay at home, but does not require the intensive care of a skilled nursing facility. Memory care allows a person experiencing memory loss to maintain a level of independence while relying on the safety and security of being in a residential facility with a professional staff. Memory impaired residents have access to 24-hour support and programs that ensure their safety and quality of life. The homes are 100% secure with alarmed or locked areas to ensure no one wanders off. Frequently within these secured areas, residents can enjoy indoor walking paths or outdoor paths or gardens. Memory care facilities' common spaces are provided for socialization, meals and activities. These homes strive to achieve a home-like setting.

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