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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is your service free to the person seeking a facility?

We work with most of the facilities in our area and are given a referral fee should you choose their facility. This way, we can offer help at no charge to our clients.

Do you work with all facilities?

We have contracts with most facilities in the area. Our goal is to match your needs to the right facility. We don't have any bias toward any one facility. We won't recommend a facility we have not seen in person or that we don't feel is a good match to our client. If, however, none of the facilities we would recommend will work for you, we will provide you with the information for other facilities.

How do you determine the best facility?

We use a questionnaire to determine preferences, health condition, care needs, and financial resources. We keep up to date on the offerings of the facilities in Fresno County and help narrow your choices to three or four of the most appropriate facilities that best match your needs and desires.

Under what conditions do you work with individuals on Medicaid?

Medicaid provides case managers that do some of what we do. We will work with individuals who will utilize their own resources or long-term care insurance at first and then switch to Medicaid later. As long as the first few months of your occupancy are privately paid, we can work with you.

Why do you offer this service?

We've recognized that there is tremendous need for help navigating the process of finding a facility and we know many people worry about aging and/or having to deal with looking for a retirement or assisted living facility. Very few people look forward to the daunting task of finding the right home. Most people we speak with find the process difficult, tedious, and confusing and we want to help.

What is the referral process?

We begin by talking with the family, spouse or the person/people in need of care themselves to find out what needs and concerns they might have. We try to get a good feeling for each person's lifestyle. Next, we use a questionnaire to find out about health, care needs and income but also personal preferences regarding a private or semi-private room, number of rooms, activities, pets, smoking, hobbies, location, etc. We like to meet personally or talk with everyone involved to get this information.

Do you take a person to visit the facility before placing them?

We will arrange or accompany our clients on tours of the facilities we recommend. We provide you with a form to record your thoughts, feelings, and experiences while on each of the tours to aid you in making your final decision.

Who makes the final decision? Do you decide where your clients are placed?

Our job is to narrow down the choices but you decide whether one of our recommendations is a good fit for you.

What happens if I'm not happy at the facility you help me find?

Thankfully, this rarely happens. We do everything we can to ensure this doesn't happen, but we visit you in your new facility and check up on whether there are questions or concerns. If concerns cannot be addressed to your satisfaction, we will help you find a new home. However, we do very carefully match your needs up front to help ensure that you won't need to be disrupted.

Can I look on my own while using your service?

Once we start working with you, we ask that you please not contact the facilities directly or work with another referral company without talking to us first. This is the only way we can keep our services free to our clients. We only get paid a referral fee if we are the first to contact a facility for an individual or couple. If you've contacted facilities or other referral services prior to using our services, please let us know.

Why should I choose you?

Not only do we have a lot of experience after a decade of working with facilities and residents in our area, but our focus is on you, our client. We follow a strict code of ethics in the referral and placement of every individual.

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