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Heavenly Home Placement Services was created with the following people in mind: for disabled adults, terminally ill, hospice, home bound, dementia, stroke, and Alzheimer. Our certified nursing assistants and shower and bath team are here to help you with all your personal care needs. Learn how our team can meet your needs and safety. Most fatal accidents happen at home. The bathroom can be one of the most dangerous areas of the home for adults 65 years and older. Prevent accidents, think safe, and drive safely.


Don't panic. You will probably feel a little shocked and shaken but try to stay calm. If unhurt look for something soft to put under the knees. Hold onto a firm object for support and put the soft object under the knees. Place a foot flat on the floor with the knee bent in front of the body. Lean forward putting weight on hands and foot until it is possible to place other foot beside the one on the floor, then sit down and rest for a short time.


Try to get comfortable until help arrives. Keep warm, starting with feet and legs. It is uncomfortable to keep still for any length of time and this may lead to pressure problems. Moving positions every half hour and moving feet helps the circulation and improves comfort.


• Consider installing grab bars for the elderly in strategic areas of the bathroom.

• Promptly mop up drips and spills from the bathroom floor.

• Always unplug electrical appliances after use.

• Avoid leaving items on the stairs that can become a tripping hazard.

• Ensure stairs are carefully maintained; damaged or worn carpet should be repaired or removed.

• Prevent slips in bathtub by adding a rubber mat to the bottom of the tub.

• Try to avoid repetitive carpet patterns that may produce a false perception for those with poor eyesight.

• Landings, stairs and hallways should be well lit with two-way light switches. Make sure banisters are sturdy. The fitting of two easy-grip handrails gives more stability.

• One suggested method of preventing hip fracture is through the use of improved flooring. Slippery floors and unsuitable shoes are some of the major factors that contribute to over a third of all falls, annually. Hip fractures in the elderly after a fall are a major cause of morbidity and mortality. They can result in complications, infections, blood clots in the legs, and failure to regain mobility. Hip fractures can have a serious impact on the person's life.

Do you need an easy, yet effective way, to identify and locate the best types of caregivers to fit your needs? Simply check off the following caregiving tasks required, press submit, and the results will show you the best caregiver matches. Your caregiver profile will also determine whether a medical or non-medical Home Care Agency is most appropriate. Our selector tool saves time and reduces confusion in understanding the various duties and qualifications of numerous home healthcare professionals. Hiring the most suitable caregiver corresponding to your needs may also translate into employing the most affordable one. Your selector tool results will give you answers to help prepare you for the next step of actually hiring home care assistance.

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Personal Care

Eating: assist feeding, provide nutritious meals and adequate fluids

Bathing: assist bathing, transferring in/out tub/shower, bed-baths as needed

Dressing / Grooming: assist dressing, glasses, hearing aides, special orthotics (i.e. braces), hair care, shaving, oral hygiene

Ambulation: assist walking, safe use of assistive devices, range of motion and strengthening exercises

Toileting: assist to bathroom, bedside commode, urinal, bedpan usage

Incontinence: assist changing diapers, undergarments, pads, related skin care

Basic Health Monitoring

Skin: monitor for signs of breakdown, apply pressure reduction measures

Vital Signs: take blood pressure, temperatures, pulses and report changes

Intake / Output: encourage adequate fluids, monitor fluid intake and urine output

Medication Management

When capable: remind to take medications and follow-up

Catheters: Foley Indwelling and External

Care: perform daily and as needed catheter care including emptying drainage bag, monitoring intake and output, cleaning and securing tubing and bags

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Merida Daly, cared for her husband for 15 years after he suffered a severe stroke that left him confined to a wheelchair and unable to speak. Finding quality care and trustworthy people to properly care for him was very difficult. She was very grateful once she found those loving caregivers!

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