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Referral Procedure

We begin by talking with the family, spouse or the person/people in need of care themselves to find out what needs and concerns they might have. We try to get a good feeling for each person's lifestyle. Next, we use a questionnaire to find out about health, care needs and financial resources but also personal preferences regarding a private or semi-private room, number of rooms, activities, pets, smoking, hobbies, location, etc. We like to meet personally or talk with everyone involved to get this information.

Making The Match

Helping Hand

We then match this information to the information we have on all the different communities and facilities and narrow the choices down to the best three or four matches. We have contracts with most facilities in the local area. We do not recommend places that we haven't visited and evaluated ourselves.

Although many communities and facilities are licensed and inspected, we add our own criteria as to how the place "feels", how the residents are treated by the staff, and how well we feel our client will fit into the home or facility.

After determining which communities are the best matches, we offer to personally accompany our client and/or their family, spouse, or friend to meet the owners and/or managers and caregivers of each facility and get a tour. If it is more convenient, our client can visit the referred facilities on their own. If they choose to do so, we ask that they tell the facilities they were referred by us, and let us know which were visited.

We follow up the placement with a personal visit to make sure the move-in was as smooth as possible and that the family and the senior(s) all feel good about the transition. We find that very soon the person settles in and sees the new environment as their home.

We do not believe the world will become so technical that the personal touch in finding the best assisted living place for a senior to live will disappear.

Please contact us to get the personal attention you deserve.

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Merida Daly, cared for her husband for 15 years after he suffered a severe stroke that left him confined to a wheelchair and unable to speak. Finding quality care and trustworthy people to properly care for him was very difficult. She was very grateful once she found those loving caregivers!

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