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What We Do

Personal placement assistance is our specialty. We provide FREE assistance to families or individuals for placement into finding the perfect community for their needs.

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Save Time and Frustration

Our goal includes many services and benefits that help reduce the amount of time and frustration spent in locating and choosing the best facility. We can usually do in two hours or two days what it takes most people looking for assisted living from two weeks to two months to do.

Navigating the Types of Facilities

There are many types of facilities for retirement and assisted care. A part of our service is making referrals and taking clients to tour the facilities in Fresno CA, and surrounding communities that best meet their preferences and needs. We provide free referrals for:

Some facilities accept only private pay residents, while others have Medicaid contracts. This is important to know because if you are in a private pay facility and run out of money, you will have to move again, whereby, if you are in a facility with a Medicaid contract, they will keep you and take the state payment.

There are some facilities that don't accept pets, electric wheel chairs or scooters, or don't provide transportation. In addition to these restrictions, some of the adult foster homes will not accept residents who have dementia, need a wheel chair, have incontinence, smoke, drink alcohol, wander, etc. Heavenly Home Referrals Services keeps track of all these restrictions and matches your needs and desires accordingly.

Our goal is to make the whole placement procedure smooth and enjoyable for the benefit of individuals and their families.

No Cost To You

There is no cost for our services to individuals or families. Our modest fees are paid by the facility you choose. Our services are of benefit to all facilities because we help them to eliminate time spent with people who do not qualify or otherwise would not be a good fit for their community.

It doesn't cost our clients any more if they use our services than if they contacted the facilities or communities directly.

We can only help refer and place individuals or couples who are able to pay for their own assisted living or active retirement costs. At this time, we cannot help individuals who are on state paid Medicaid unless they will pay privately for a time, and then eventually qualify for Medicaid.

Individuals who are war veterans and their spouses are helped to make sure they get their Veterans assisted living cost benefits if they are eligible for them.

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Merida Daly, cared for her husband for 15 years after he suffered a severe stroke that left him confined to a wheelchair and unable to speak. Finding quality care and trustworthy people to properly care for him was very difficult. She was very grateful once she found those loving caregivers!

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